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In my long experience as an SEO Practitioner, I have encountered lots of tactics dealing with link building come and go. Several suppliers have emerged to fill the link building niche. Among the successful companies is The Hoth Company, whose acronym stands for “Hit Em’ Over the Head.” The Hoth has been on the Inc. 5000 for two years in a row and reported a revenue of $10.4M in 2017.

The Hoth has tuned its sales process to become one of the providers of the highest ranking links. However, are their links risky, are they valid, and are they ‘whitehat’ as claimed? Below is the Hoth Review of what it means to purchase links from The Hoth.

Purchasing $849 in Links
The Hoth sells more link packages focused on earning repeat customers at all costs. The link packages recently underwent a name change. ‘The Hoth Mini is now known as ‘Hoth Foundations Small. The Hoth refers to the link building packages as a ‘natural building strategy’ while it is fairer agreeable to disagree.

Link packages of the Hoth have a default of 500 words of content. The content should be preferably written by a native English speaker. Guest posts which are immaculately done should be among the safer links to purchase. It so happens that The Hoth uses spun content on various web assets to link back to your site besides being insecure.

Link 1: My Domain Authority 20+ Guest Post ($150)
As soon as your guest post runs live, The Hoth sends you an email with details of the Guest Post Report for DA 20+ order ≠, detailing the post URL, target URL, and the anchor text. The first link that you receive is probably a good reminder that cheap is expensive. I ordered my link on June 5th, 2018, and received confirmation that my link was live on June 13th.

The site appears authentic but does not look like a PBN. The absence of an About Page and a symbol representing the acting owner are a major turn off. There is no way of contacting owners of the site. The site exists for the sole purpose of linking to other people. The Hoth has had an Ahrefs Domain Rating of 33. The DA for the website is currently 53.

Link 2: My Domain Authority 30+ 1,000 Word Guest Post ($225)
This site looks aesthetically splendid but with a strange author situation. Behind the site, there is a real name which appears to be a real person. The background is a bit strange. The individual laying claim of being the author of the site also sells content on the same topic. The authors chose to link to the homepage rather than to a direct link.

The site appears to have been started for legitimate reasons. The services have evolved to become more geared towards selling links. The average person is not at a position to reach out to them and write for The Hoth. The link would easily pass a quick, manual inspection legitimately. The link has a DA of 45. Ahrefs give it a DR of 35.

Link 3: A DA 40+ 1,000 Word Guest Post ($425)
This is the most expensive of the links. The link goes live on one of the ugliest websites owing to their WordArt esque emblem. Unluckily enough, the other two links are likely to pass the quick manual review. The high price does not automatically interpret to ranking your site higher. The link has a MOZ DA of 54 and Ahrefs DR of 55.

It is not easy to locate the About Page or the contact page, prompting more experts to declare it unsafe. Most of the articles that are published on the site are links from the Hoth’s service while others link out to the large brand. Finding purchase links around here is a surprise. The major turn off for this link is that it has external links that lead to commercial sites.

Are the Guest Posts Legit?
By visiting The Hoth, you may be looking for the natural guest posts. Unfortunately, they will not inform you about the authenticity of their guest posts. Most of the guest posts are not natural but rather generated by the machines. The links may or may not work in your best interests.
The Hoth is quick to make a reply to every question that they receive from the clients. However, I noted that the replies are all generated from the existing templates. The interaction between The Hoth and its clients is entirely unnatural. This is a piece of direct evidence that most of the content created by The Hoth may not be natural but spun generated content.

Do the Links Work?
When purchasing links, you need to understand the risks at stake. SEO involves high risks whether you choose to or not to purchase the links. Among the three links that I purchased from The Hoth pointed to the homepage of the site. To be as safe as possible, the homepage’s name is used as the anchor text of the link.

In my long experience in the SEO business, my site has never moved a rank below. After making my initial purchase from The Hoth, my site began to rank first for its name. It later picked up a few rankings for specific keywords in the articles which were already published on the site.
The links are not great for client sites unless the client specifically requests for paid links fast. In this case, you will need to throw caution to the wind and forget all the care you may have about them tanking the site in the future. You will surely get immediate results without a future guarantee.
Which type of links do they deliver?

When you order for the boost, you get redirected to the check a box which requires you to say that you are building the links for a site that you do not care about. I checked in on the box and included an anchor text for each of the three links. The Hoth is swift in reaching out to you. You will receive your links in a matter of days.


When I received my report from the Hoth, I received 55 links as a fulfillment of their promise to deliver 50+ links. The links I received were from .info or .us domain. The Hoth openly ignored my anchor text for all the links I requested. One of my anchor texts was the text ‘next page.’
The links provided by The Hoth are not what you would describe as nice links. The links, however, good for finding other people that are likely using their services. You can spy on their results. A fortnight after I ordered for these links, my site shifted to a lower Google rank. In my research, I stumbled upon some evidence that organic traffic to The Hoth has dropped significantly.

Is the Hoth legit?

The hoth will get you links, but for the money they charge the links are very expensive. There are other places you can get better links for cheaper

How do you get high backlinks?

There is many places to get links, one of the best ways is to contact other blogs in your niche and outreach to them for a link on their blog.

Does The Hoth Mini work?

The Hoth Mini is a basic link package and it will help but there are no guarantee your website will rank after purchase.

Will the DA 40 Guest Post with 1,000 words of content rank my website?

The DA 40 Guest Post with 1,000 words of content might help but again there are no promises made. At over $400 its very expensive for a link. Normally a link with a DA will go for around $200.

Whats your thoughts on The Hoth? Leave a comment below

UPDATED: 17 September 2019

The Hoth


Expensive way of getting links


Supprt Is good


Dashbaord to buy links


Only top packages work over $5000


Some links are spammy



  • Support
  • Online portal to buy links


  • Expensive
  • To salesy
  • Bad information given
  • guest posts created by machines

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